A Snugtop truck cap can transform your truck into a whole new & stylish SUV-like vehicle. Along with this stylization, they are supremely useful for preventing your tools and goods from weather damage and theft. Hence, our Snugtop truck caps can turn your truck’s bed-space into foolproof storage and seating space.

The list doesn’t end there. Snugtop truck caps like Camper Shells are designed in smooth aerodynamic shapes to reduce air drag to a bare minimum, hence, helping you save a lot of gas on your road trips and vacations.

As Snugtop camper shell is manufactured with high-density semi-solid material like aluminium, its reliability and durability are extremely high. Also, they are made available in any OEM factory colour that suits your truck with cool interior lighting options.

This is exactly why California Camper Shells Inc. vouches for SNUGTOP brand’s quality and is the best dealer of Snugtop camper shell in California and around the US. We provide a variety of the latest in market Sungtop truck caps in California, and you can simply check out the model and fit chart on our website to find the best one for your truck.