6 Steps to Help You Install a Camper Shell

6 Steps to Help You Install a Camper Shell

If you are looking for camper shells for sale in California, you have come to the right place! We offer the most affordable and easy to install camper shells suitable for your requirements. A camper shell is one of the most convenient ways to cover your truck bed. Not only do camper shells work as a camping cover, but they also provide a closed cargo area. Besides, you also have the flexibility to choose between a removable or a permanent camper shell depending on how you would like to use it.

Although a lot of people look for camper shells for sale in California, they do not understand what goes behind installing one. In this blog, our experts have offered their insights on how you can fix a camper shell without any difficulty.

Step 1

Firstly, it is essential to determine the size of the shell you require. Hence, measuring the size of the truck bed, i.e. the length and the width of the truck bed where you are going to install the camper shell.

Step 2

After measuring the size of the truck bed where your camper shell will rest, you now need to measure the size of the camper shell. When you measure the width of the camper shell, it is vital to ensure that the rails will fit at the top of both sides of the truck bed.

Step 3 

It is now time to install a foam rubber seal. The foam rubber seal is placed where the camper shell and the truck bed meet. The most comfortable seal to use is a self-sticking seal which is readily available at your local hardware store. Beginning at the front portion of the camper shell, cover the complete width. Form a 90-degree angle and stick the seal to one side starting from the front. Now, repeat the entire process on the other side. As the life door is likely to have a rubber seal already, there is no need to install a seal on it.

Step 4

 Now, it is the right time to position the camper shell on the truck bed. It is essential to check whether the alignment of the shell matches with the alignment of the front side of the truck bed. Keep the camper shell and the tailgate closed and ensure that both align with the water-tight seal.

 Step 5

To fix a removable shell, it is vital that the shell is clamped to the truck bed. New camper shells typically come with C-clamps and you will require four clamps for a short-bed truck and around six clamps for long beds. Further, C-clamps need to be attached to either side of the camper shell and the truck. The clamps need to be placed equally from each other and around 4 inches from the rear and front corners. Ensure that the clamps are tightened as firmly as possible.

Step 6

Check whether everything is installed properly. Inspect the door lift joint and the tailgate and ensure that the rubber flap that is fixed to the camper door is flat against the tailgate. Moreover, check whether the tailgate handle twists to secure the door.

Installing a camper shell may seem like a daunting at first. However, if you follow the instructions, we assure you will breeze through the installation process. California Camper Shells offers a wide range of camper shells on sale, tonneau covers, truck bed covers, and truck bed accessories. Contact California Camper Shells today to find out more about our products!

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